I help build your confidence comedically, combining performance skills training with mindset coaching.


I can guide you out of your comfort zone and help build your confidence through comedy. I have 30 years of experience in teaching performance skills.

I have helped over a thousand actors in training and members of the wider community to successfully overcome their fear of stand up performance in front of their peers and family.

I helped over 150 members of the general public to move from reticence to confidence, embodying Banksy’s archetypal ‘anti-stewards’ at Dismaland 2015. 

I regularly produce comedy events, showcasing newcomers alongside experienced professionals in Bath and beyond.

I am an accredited mindset coach and I draw on a range of techniques to challenge and overcome perceived limitations.


 And if you’re interested in trying a bit of stand-up or looking for a slightly different fun avenue just to further your personal development, get in touch with our brilliant comedy mentor Pat Welsh. Lots of people say how brave etc but I personally think everybody should do a course like this for confidence building and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone without having to jump off a physical cliff!

Josie Jo

Pat Welsh is an exceptional coach. His approach is light-hearted but underpinned by an acute understanding of, and commitment to, the coaching discipline, building on 30 years of full-time performance skills teaching experience at university level. I approached Pat for coaching in 2022 when I was finding aspects of my stand-up comedy difficult to develop.  Within 3 months of weekly sessions, I had become a finalist in a major stage competition and had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, as well as how to achieve it.  Pat offers non-judgemental support and places you firmly in the driving seat, as well as working from a reservoir of practical and specialist knowledge in comedy and acting skills.

Matt Alford PhD

Pat is an amazing standup comedy coach who helped me gain confidence in my public speaking skills. Over the course of a really enjoyable 8 weeks, Pat taught me how to use standup comedy techniques to improve my overall communication skills. With Pat’s guidance, I was able to stand up in front of 200 people and deliver my own comedy routine that got lots of laughs. I highly recommend Pat to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and communication skills. It was also very rewarding and a lot of fun!

Al G

Learning with Pat has been an absolute joy! He created a safe and enjoyable group environment, enabling everyone to explore their comedic journey with freedom, to develop ideas and help others with feedback and workshopping. He adapted his teaching to cater for varying abilities and styles of learning within the group, always ensuring everyone was up to speed with the course. A very knowledgeable and funny man, he brought the best out of all of us.

George B

Over a recent 8 week course in Stand up comedy, hosted by Pat Welsh, I found him to be supportive, informative, non-judgemental and above all, very patient. I would not hesitate to further engage in Pat’s coaching/ mentoring if the opportunity arises.

Stephen Cowell

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